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To Celebrate Nodka the First Oversea Exhibition in 2019 Successfully Held

2019-3-11 14:57:03 Page View:

Embedded world 2019 exhibition was held on Feb 26-28 at Nuremberg, Germany. It is the largest embedded exhibition in the world. Since its inception, it has provided a professional communication platform for the broad professionals of global mobile system and embedded system.

At this exhibition, Nodka automation company exhibited a new series of highly integrated ICP69 and IDP59 series of industrial operation panel pc.


During this exhibition, visitors praised the lightweight and streamlined design of the series of industrial operation panel PC, and affirmed that Chinese brands can creat products with comparable German brand quality.

The customers bought sample exhibits with cash at the scene. Some visitors come to Nodka exhibition specially.

Colleagues in Europe area have received a large number of customers and distributors to sustain the company's brand popularity and influence in the European market.

This is the first oversea exhibition of 2019. The second station will be held at Tokoyo Japan IT Week (Spring) on 10 April. Welcome to visit.

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