May chose a Public Enquiry because it puts the Government in control. An inquest is the correct choice


Theresa May was very quick to announce a public enquiry. This wasn’t to be nice to the victims, quite the reverse. Public enquiries are under Government control. An inquest is completely independent and allows the victims’ families to ask questions, which a public enquiry would prevent.

Here’s a lawyer explaining this:

This is on top of the fact that the Government seems to have instructed the media to hide the real number of likely deaths from this entirely preventable crime. So far, we’ve heard about around 65 survivors and they’re talking about possibly 50 deaths. But there were 120 flats and unless a ridiculously high percentage were on holiday during term time – which poor people would probably avoid due to fines for absence brought in by this Government – that means at least 300 people were in the building when the fire struck. 300 minus 60 is way more than 50. Why are they trying to hush this painfully obvious fact up?

Lily Allen brought this up, then was subsequently dropped from a planned appearance on Newsnight

This fire and the deaths caused by it is a crime because numerous complaints about fire safety were ignored. In some jurisdictions this would be considered culpable homicide. In England and Wales I believe it’s called corporate manslaughter.

The local council even threatened the blogger who worked to get something done.

The residents were unable to use the law to press their claims because this Government axed Legal Aid for civil actions, of which this would have been one. So many cut corners by this Government, and so many chickens coming home to roost.

If these known problems had been dealt with, and if the company in charge of refurbishment hadn’t been more concerned with fire safety than saving a few pounds on the cladding, the outcome would certainly have been very different. There must be criminal charges brought against all those responsible, including the Tory Minister who sat on a parliamentary report that recommended retrofitting sprinklers to all tower blocks.

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