May wants us to judge her on her record. OK, then


Don't mention our record

She wants us to judge her on her record, but she doesn’t want us to mention Tory policies and their results, like:

  • 50 deaths a week from sanctions
  • the NHS sell-off
  • 1.2 million foodbank parcels last year from the Trussell Trust alone – probably double that when you take other foodbank operatives into account
  • University tuition fees going up again, and thereafter linked to inflation
  • 4 million children in poverty
  • the VAT rise planned for the next budget
  • the removal of the triple lock on pensions (which are among the worst in the developed world, anyway)
  • the repeal of the Human Rights Act
  • Tax cuts for the rich, and benefit cuts for the poor and disabled
  • The rape clause: prove you were raped or you and your children can starve
  • 900 mobility vehicles taken away every week
  • Corruption wherever you look, eg
    • Tory Election Fraud Whitewash (the prospect of these cases going to Court is most likely the reason May called the election in the first place)
    • Papers relating to child abuse by politicians lost over and over again
  • yada yada yada

Seriously? Judge you on your results? I don’t think you really mean that, Mrs May.

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