The Monday morning hangover


The June 8 General Election has had more twists and turns than a Whitehall farce. In fact it is a Whitehall farce, minus the crashing through doors by half naked people who somehow manage to just miss each other.

Nobody knows what is going on, not May, not Corbyn, not Nicola and least of all us proles. For politics nerds like me, it’s fascinating and great fun.

I don’t deny there’ve been a few nasty surprises, but there’s much more to come, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if we get a happy ever after worthy of the Garrick.

You’ve got to laugh

Just like any comedy, it’s best not to get too involved in emotions. The Tory Acting Company has always specialised in slapstick, as we witnessed when the MayBot ran up and down the country pretending to meet the public when a quick comparison of photographs revealed that she was actually “meeting” the same people in every shed and warehouse where she popped up for a photo opportunity.

Both the Tories and the Labour Party got their biggest vote share for many years, but neither won. The only party that actually got a majority in this election was the SNP, though you’d never know if you relied on the comical mainstream newspapers for your information.


Right now, we’re just waiting for the interval to finish, while we eat our ice creams and take a quick look at the programme. The Second Act will be along soon, and maybe even a third, who knows?

Make sure you use this time to recharge your energy and your confidence. Like all long hauls, there will always be setbacks and people jeering from the sidelines just because they can.

It’s not over until it’s over. Independence is no nearer, and no further away than it was on the 7th June.

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